Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Birthday!

The pretty flowers Matt had waiting for me when
I came home from getting my nails and pedicure done!
He unwrapped and arranged them himself,
I am pretty proud of him.

Tonight Matt, Maddison, Sarah and I
went over to my parents for dinner.

Grandma took Maddison to buy me some balloons.
Maddison wanted to get me the Spiderman balloons,
but thankfully my mom talked her into a Pooh balloon. lol
My mom also helped her make me a card and she
helped bake my birthday cake!
I felt special! :)

Maddison has tons 'o fun playing with them.
She stands in the middle of them and violently swings
her arms in every direction and laughs. It's funny.

cute mommy and me picture

and another...

4 days before delivery!

My SUPER SWEET new sewing machine my
parents got me for my birthday!
I almost wish I wasn't having the baby so soon so I could
get some sewing in.
Sarah also got me a gift card to Joann's Fabrics so
I really want to start making something ASAP!


  1. Yeah you got a sewing machine that you probably wont have time to use for 6 months. j/k. I love your preggo pictures. You always do your hair so cute! Maddison and Reagan are the luckiest little girls ever with a mom like you. I can't wait for Reagan to be here.

  2. What a great Birthday you had! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you! :) I have had my sewing machine for years and still haven't gotten very good at using it. LOL I hope you have better luck than I did! :)