Thursday, June 16, 2011

1st trip to the splash pad

Yesterday we took our first trip of the summer
to the splash pad.

Matt was working so I went alone and figured the matching
suits would come in handy if I lost one of them. lol

Reagan is obsessed with water bottles
and will flip out until she gets a drink
and then she never wants to give it back.
She just carries them around.
What a weirdo.

sour face

This is the look I get if I ask her to smile
and she doesn't really want to.

flip flops

a normal day at our house:
Reagan eating a banana (her fav)
and wearing moms flip flops

1st zoo splash 2011

About a month or so ago we did the splash pad
at the zoo for the first time.  It was still not really
hot yet so Maddie was hesitant.

She loves her new Ariel swim suit

Reagan refused to go in the water.
She just walked up and down the row of
parents sitting down, stared and smiled at
them until they talked to her.
What a ham!!!

weird sleeper

Maddison went to bed IN her bed
and then I checked on her later and

She went to bed WITHOUT shoes on...
then I checked on her later and found this!


We have discovered that Reagan LOVES watermelon.
Anytime I open the fridge she runs up and
points and screams at the watermelon to tell
me that she wants some of it.

*this is Maddison's "I'm homeless" hair style*

Dunkin donuts!

I think this is Reagans first donut.
She of course only eats the frosted part. lol

big cheesy chocolate smile

cute hair

Sarah put Reagans hair in cute little pig tails!
She has the toilet paper which is what she does
everytime she can reach it, then she tears it up
like a dog would. haha

Riding the horses

The girls both brought their horses in the living
room for a ride.  Reagan tries so hard to ride the big
pretty horse but she is just too small so she
rides her horse. lol