Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Maddison finally has enough hair that I can put it up in
a decent ponytail and use a normal elastic and not
the tiny rubber bands that I used to use.
And now almost all of her hair fits in the ponytail too!
So cute! She's such a big girl.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Maddison has always been TERRIFIED of the vacuum,
when it comes out she screams, runs
and hides until I am done. Sarah brought over her
vacuum for me to try and we showed Maddison how pretty
the pink vacuum is and now she likes it! LOL
I got this picture of her pretending to vacuum when it was off.


Maddison talks NON-STOP now. She has started picking words up on her own, I don't even have to teach them to her anymore. It seems like she learns a new word everyday! Her little voice is so cute. I sat down for a few minutes to make a list of all the words she knows, I can recall about 64 words! She has even started putting two and three words together to make little sentences. It's so crazy how fast they learn!

Giraffe fun!

Friday was overcast so we mistakenly thought that if
we got up early enough it wouldn't be that hot...
Well it was SO HOT and very humid.
BUT we were there early enough to feed the giraffe
which is something we have never done in all of our
trips to the zoo. Maddison loved the giraffe,
she was a little scared when he wrapped his tongue
around her hand to grabbed the lettuce, but loved
it again after it took the food.

New Kitty

For some insane reason Matt thought it would be a good idea to
bring a kitty home from the litter his sister's cat had...
I now say "don't grab the kitty by the neck" 458 times a day,
but Maddison really does love the kitty.

I call him Billy because of his mullet-like markings,
but apparently Matt named him Padre.

Maddison holding her new Kitty.
She does this ALL DAY!

I think the kitty likes her too because he even followed
her to the bathtub.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

First Ultrasound

Yesterday we had our first U/S for baby #2. It was a first trimester screening test to check for Down's syndrome. They measure a tiny area of fluid on the baby's neck. Well, turns out this baby is just as uncooperative as Maddison was in the womb. It did not want to move in the right direction at all and the U/S took a very long time. She did an underneath view of the baby's legs and I swear I saw boy parts! The U/S lady didn't tell us one way or the other what her opinion was but I REALLY hope I saw what I think I saw.
Anyways, it's heart rate was 161 bpm and everything looked good. The baby got the hiccups while we were watching and loved keeping it's hands up by its head. Both just like Maddison when she was a fetus.