Saturday, July 11, 2009

First Ultrasound

Yesterday we had our first U/S for baby #2. It was a first trimester screening test to check for Down's syndrome. They measure a tiny area of fluid on the baby's neck. Well, turns out this baby is just as uncooperative as Maddison was in the womb. It did not want to move in the right direction at all and the U/S took a very long time. She did an underneath view of the baby's legs and I swear I saw boy parts! The U/S lady didn't tell us one way or the other what her opinion was but I REALLY hope I saw what I think I saw.
Anyways, it's heart rate was 161 bpm and everything looked good. The baby got the hiccups while we were watching and loved keeping it's hands up by its head. Both just like Maddison when she was a fetus.

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