Saturday, October 20, 2012

Crazy hats

How cute are they in their new hats!

Maddison's 5!

Party on 9-23...I'm only a month behind.  haha woops
Maddison chose a little mermaid themed party. I didn't realize 
until yesterday that she hadn't actually ever seen the
I finally bought it for them.
My awesome mom made them matching party dresses.

Babies! Brooklyn and Taylor


Reagan doing her goofy smile

I made the mistake of giving all the girlies make up...that one backfired! 

The awesome cake that Dory made.

 I can't believe my baby is 5!!
She is such a big girl and growing up so fast.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Seal beach

On our last night we headed up to La Jolla and watched the sunset.
We went to seal beach and watched the seals come in for the night.

birds flying in a V formation, I thought it was cool.

If you look right in the middle you can see the top of a little seals head sticking out. This little guy hung out up by the shore the whole time, even with the scuba divers coming in. I dont know if he was sick, or lost or what :(

Its hard to see because I was using the point and shoot and the flash is horrible, but here's the seals going to bed on the rocks.


The dolphins were so cute and half the pool wasn't roped off and you could stick your hand in and some lucky people got to pet them! I want a dolphin!

They explain how they train them and have them do tricks

ginormous stingrays

We bought the fish to feed the sea lions/seals and they just sit there where the holes in the window are with their mouth open waiting.  The birds swoop down and try and steal the fish so they are really quick!

Shark tunnel! I want to live in an aquarium tunnel like this, it would be so relaxing.

swinging monkeys

huge sea turtles! love them

penguins! I wanted to take one home so bad! I went through twice cause I just love watching them.


You can see the polar bears and the beluga whales above and below water

Maddisons favorite part of the whole trip...The journey to Atlantis ride. This was her first time down and she was still a little scared, but she went on it about 8 times and absolutely LOVED it. Unfortunately Reagan was too small so Matt and I took turns taking Maddison on this and the other rides. There were some that Reagan could go on but stuff like this will be so much more fun when they are both big enough.

whale watching!

We didn't know if the girls would like going on a boat out in the sea.
The whale watching tour goes 8-12 miles out I think and I really
didn't want them to freak out when we were all the way out there. 
Matt and I loved it so much last time we did it we decided to chance it.
I brought playdoh and suckers as a distraction just in case! lol
Well the girls loved it! 
Walking to the boat

watching "clyde" the harbor seal that always follows the boats out of the harbor follow us out.

The seals warming up in the sun in the middle of the harbor

huge pod of common dolphins. Its so hard to photograph them, they move so fast!

They were given a dolphin coloring books! they came in handy for the down time in between sightings

watching the dolphins playing right on the side of the boat. I was so glad they didn't try and stand up and look over.

We saw a GREAT WHITE SHARK eating a harbor seal! It was an adolescent shark so it was only 10 feet or so, but still so cool to see. It kept circling the floating seal remnants and taking bites.

She loved it!

Cabrillo National Monument

We wanted to go to the tide pools at the Cabrillo 
National Monument but the park closed at 4 and
the tide didnt go out until 7 :(
At least the scenery was beautiful...

When I planned this activity I was unaware of the huge cliffs and strong winds.  It was too scary with two small children to stay too long. Wish we could have seen some tide pools though...

Balboa Park

We went to walk around Balboa Park and Reagan 
LOVED the clock tower.  She thought it was a castle
and kept asking to go see the princess. LOL
Reagan couldn't keep up with her little legs. lol

its too sunny mom!

I took a pic of the "princess castle" for Reagan