Thursday, June 25, 2009

A 15 min at the park

We decided to go to the park today, which was a horrible idea
because it was SO HOT AND HUMID!
So we only stayed for about 15 min, that's all we could handle.

Every time I asked Maddie to smile she would
stop and give me this look. LOL
I guess this is the
'mom are you done taking pictures so I can go play?' look.

She loves the slide.

Dad at the top and mom at the bottom.
Although she has got the hang of the end part so
she doesn't really need my help.

Riding the seahorse.

Swinging is still her favorite though.
Wearing her pretty new hello kitty sunglasses that my mom bought her.

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  1. So many blogs to comment on. I was wondering if you were gonna keep it going, but Im glad you are. It makes me feel like I get to she Maddie. Thank goodness it is hot now and not when you are due with #2