Tuesday, January 19, 2010

horseback riding dog

While I was in the hospital my mom took Maddison to
Build-a-Bear to make herself and Reagan an animal.
She made Reagan a teddy bear and herself a dog.
(which she so originally named doggie)
She loves the dog, she drags it by the leash around the
house and says she is taking it on a walk! lol
Well I guess tonight she decided it had enough walking
and it was time for horseback riding.
I looked over and she had it on the back of the horse
and she had the horse making its noises and
she was rocking it.


  1. Things must be going well if you already have four blogs up since you got home. I'm impressed!

  2. Things are going great! Matt and Maddison are tons of help. I have free time and nap time! I am so glad Matt has 6 weeks off!!!