Tuesday, August 3, 2010


About a month and a half ago my mom took the girls to JCPenny's
for portraits so we could get the same rose background that
we had for Maddison's baby pictures.
I WOULD NOT recommend JCPenny's portrait studio to anyone,
but we did get a few cute pictures!

I took apart an old tutu that I didn't like and made two
cuter new ones for the girls.
I love how they turned out, they look so cute.
Maddison thinks she is a princess when she puts it on.
This is the same background as Maddie's baby pics.
Reagan is such a little ham, it's to easy to get her to smile!

I LOVE these cute little dresses.

Reagan hates wearing jeans because she can't ever
sit up comfortably because her belly is too big. LOL
I usually unbutton them for her

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  1. I wanna take the boys so bad to get pictures done too. I think I will wait until Beckett can sit up good like Reagan.