Tuesday, December 22, 2009

tramatic Santa experience

Friday Matt and I tried to take Maddison to go see Santa.
All day I was prepping her for it because I had a hunch
that she would be afraid of him.
I asked her if she wanted to see him...'yes'
I asked her if she was going to sit on his lap...'yes'
I asked her if she was going to ask him for presents...'yes'
I got her dressed all cute and I was saying
we have to get dressed pretty for Santa and she agreed
the whole time and was REALLY excited.
We got to the Mall and I was still asking her the three
questions and she was answering yes and still very excited.
We were walking up and she could see Santa and was
still really excited and at this point I was convinced she
might actually do it. We got in line and when
we were almost up Matt said ok time to get out of
the stroller and go see Santa.
She absolutely refused and started crying! lol
So we got out of line and started walking to the car.
As soon as we walked out the door of the Mall she
started crying and saying she wanted to see Santa!
So we did the exact same thing all over again
and had the same outcome, as soon as it was time
to get out of the stroller she freaked.
So we left without sitting on Santa's lap.

Sooooo...Saturday I decided to try and take her with
Sarah and Brooklyn thinking if Brooklyn was doing
it Maddison would go right along with it.

Well these pictures tell the tale.

Pretty girls ready to go see Santa

Starting to cry...

Really crying and trying to escape.

So sad but so funny at the same time.

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