Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trip to Tucson

Last weekend Sarah and I took the girls down to Tucson
to see my mom in the bead show she was in.
I was a little worried that one or both of the girls would
get upset while we were driving, but everything worked
out pretty well and we all had fun.
My mom had a blast showing her pretty grandbabies
to her friends and Sarah and I bought some pretty stuff!
All in all it was a good trip!

Sarah brought this neck pillow for Maddison, but...
she was a little confused as to how it worked. lol
I guess wearing it that way will still keep her head
from bobbing around when she falls asleep.
too funny.
(oh p.s. she is fake sleeping for this picture)

With no nap all day, she was so tired on the way home.
she passed out with her sunglasses on...
well kind of on.
She thinks it's funny to put them on upside down.

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