Wednesday, July 7, 2010

splash pad

We have taken the girls to the splash pad a few times.
I like it more than swimming because I don't have
to worry about holding on to two kids.

I made the mistake of going to the splash pad by
myself the first time and I just couldn't keep my
eye on Maddison, the stroller and let Reagan
play so only Maddison did.
The next time we went on Matts day off and he
helped Reagan play. She loves the water!

She makes this face and holds her breath until
the water is gone and then is totally happy again!
Maddison still to this day hates water on her face,
but Reagan doesn't mind at all.
Even in the tub, when I rinse shampoo I just
pour water over her head, she doesn't mind!

This is her opening her eyes and making
sure the coast is clear.
She looks unhappy but I swear she likes it!

Look at her fat little nugget legs!

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  1. That place looks cool. I wish we has something like that here!