Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So I was sitting on the ground with Maddison
and I noticed her ear lobe was red around her
cute little turtle earrings. First thought was that the
earring was bothering her ear, but she had wore them
before and for an extended period of time.
She hadn't mentioned anything about her ear hurting
so I didn't think it was that bad.
I told her that I had to take her earring out or her
ear would fall off. Her ear hurt really bad and she really
didn't want me to touch it. After a lot of talking I finally
convinced her to let me take it out.
I was terrified when THIS is what I saw...
(the boo boo is in the shape of a turtle!!)
After seeing this I though to myself that her ear
REALLY IS going to fall off! I panicked and had my mom
come over to look at it. It was a Saturday so we took her
to Urgent Care. The Dr. put her on antibiotics but he didn't
seemed too concerned with it, which helped me calm down a little.
I had put the little plastic backs on her earring because they
kept coming off. I guess she squeezed it really tight and pinched
the ear so much it did this. I thought for sure her ear would close
up and we would have to get it pierced again sometime,
but it didn't.
It's all healed up and she now is only wearing the piercing earrings
that lock and can't be squeezed too tight!

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  1. Love the model pose and the hurt ear. Glad her ears are still pierced.