Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

My cute little nuggets were Daisy Duck
and Minnie Mouse for Halloween.
Reagan wore Maddies old costume and
she actually didn't mind it.
Maddie wore it when she was 1 and she
hated wearing the head.
I may be crazy but I think Reagan knew
everyone was saying "oh my, how cute!"
about her and she liked it. lol
My mom spent so much time on this dress
for Maddison that I wanted her to wear it
for Halloween. She loves it.

She couldn't wear her hands though because
she couldn't grab anything.

Brooklyn and her friend helped her

A few days before Halloween I asked Maddison
what she says when she goes up to the door.
She said "Can I come in?" LOL!!
We taught her "trick-or-treat"...

sweet baby :)

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  1. I should have re-used Payson's old costume too, but it was just last year. LOL. The girls look great. I love Maddison's Minnie dress.